There are many home efficiency rebates available for homeowners to take advantage of and we can help you get them ! 


Home Reno Rebate 

Interested in receiving Rebates for installing Insulation or upgrading your Heating equipment and much more in your Home ?


There is even a rebate of $600 towards the fee's of the pre and post energy assessment.


With the cost of hydro and Gas rising, this is a must to help you save money.


Contact Prestige Home Inspection Service to book your Pre Energy Assessment.


Program Expires December 31st 2022


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CMHC Green Home Rebate

If you purchase an existing home and make energy-efficient improvements you may be eligible for a CMHC Green Home premium refund*. To qualify, your home must be assessed by a Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) qualified energy advisor before and after the energy efficiency improvements are made using the EnerGuide Rating Gigajoules per year Scale


15% Premium Refund

If rating is least 15% lower than “A Typical New House”

25% Premium Refund

If rating is at least 40% lower than “A Typical New House”

Contact Prestige Home Inspection Service to book your Energy Assessment.

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Up to 700,000 grants of up to $5,000 to help homeowners make energy efficient retrofits to their homes, such as better insulation

EnerGuide evaluations (worth up to $600) and expert advice to homeowners so they can begin to plan their retrofits

Recruitment and training of EnerGuide energy advisors to meet the increased demand; this will create new jobs across Canada.

Participants are eligible for up to $5,600 total under the initiative. Updates will be provided over the life of the initiative to keep homeowners informed. As part of our work, we are committed to ensuring Greener Homes reaches diverse Canadians including those living in remote and northern communities and those with limited internet access. We are working on building a diverse network of energy advisors to provide career opportunities to all Canadians and to meet the need of our communities.

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Greener Homes Grant

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