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There are many home efficiency rebates and loans available for homeowners to take advantage of and we can help you get them ! 

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Introducing Home Efficiency Rebate Plus: Now up to $10,600 back!


CMHC Green Home Rebate

Enbridge Gas and the Canada's Greener Homes Grant have partnered to provide rebates towards eligible retrofits such as home insulation, windows and doors, heat pumps and renewable energy systems. The new, co-ordinated Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program will help more Ontarians save energy at home. This is great news for residents across the province, including current Enbridge Gas customers who use natural gas to heat their homes and will benefit from enhanced rebates up to $10,000. Participants can also offset the cost of their EnerGuide home evaluation with an additional rebate of $600.

Before you start any renovation work, you must complete a home energy assessment by Prestige Home Inspection Services.



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If you purchase an existing home and make energy-efficient improvements you may be eligible for a CMHC Green Home premium refund*. To qualify, your home must be assessed by a Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) qualified energy advisor before and after the energy efficiency improvements are made using the EnerGuide Rating Gigajoules per year Scale


15% Premium Refund

If rating is least 15% lower than “A Typical New House”

25% Premium Refund

If rating is at least 40% lower than “A Typical New House”

Contact Prestige Home Inspection Service to book your Energy Assessment.

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Greener Homes Loan

The maximum eligible loan amount is calculated based on the retrofits selected in the application and the quotes for this work. The eligible amount is capped based on industry standards and market norms. The maximum eligible loan amount may be less than your quoted cost, in which case you will be responsible for funding any difference.

A maximum of one loan is available per eligible property and homeowner.

The loan can only help you finance eligible products and installations that are part of a retrofit that is both recommended by an energy advisor and eligible for the grant.

To begin work in your home, a portion of the loan can be delivered to you up front. Contractors often require a down payment for these types of projects. The balance of the loan will be delivered upon successful completion of the retrofits and verification through a post-retrofit evaluation.

Loan details

Maximum: $40,000
Minimum: $5,000
Repayment term: 10 years, interest-free
Loan type: Unsecured personal loan on approved credit

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Whatever your needs are, we have you covered 

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