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Prestige Home Inspection Service offers a variety of services to meet your every need.  We go beyond Home Inspections using the latest technologies in the business.

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Infrared Thermal Imaging 

Thermal scanning is a non-intrusive method of locating potential problems within the home.  Discoveries made by thermal scanning may significantly affect your decision to purchasing the property.

Thermal imaging uses infrared technology to detect very small differences in temperature. Every material has a unique thermal signature. When moisture, heat, or cold are introduced into the structure the thermal signature changes. With the help of an infrared camera, we can see many things that simply are not detectable to the naked eye. 

Thermal Imaging can detect missing insulation, plumbing leaks, overloaded circuit breakers and water damage behind walls. From an energy savings stand point it can detect air leaks and can also detect leaky air ducts and much more.

Full Home Inspection

Our typical home inspection takes about 3-4 hours to complete. The home is inspected from foundation to the roof and everything in between. We encourage all clients to attend the inspection so you can see the inspection process, learn about the home, and ask any questions you may have. After the inspection we take the information we have collected and computer generate a comprehensive report on the condition of the home. Reports are complete the same day of the inspection. No waiting!!!  Call or email us today and we will be happy to set up an appointment for your inspection.

 An Energy Audit identifies leaks in the thermal boundary, or the shell of your house.  This locates areas of thermal heat loss and gain. Aside from using a Infrared camera, the Blower Door testing for home air leakage is a specially built, calibrated device that is used to identify the overall air leakage and how many air changes per hour the home is getting. We then collect data throughout the home including Insulation levels, Mechanical efficiencies, building construction and window types. All this information is then modelled in a computer program which results in a Home Energy Rating score.

An Energy Assessment is the best place to start if you want to make your home more energy efficient. We will give your house a current and potential energy efficiency rating and let you know what energy upgrades make the most sense. We are not out to sell you specific products and you are under no obligation to make the improvements we suggest.

Energy Audits and Energuide labelling

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1 Hour Walkthrough Inspection

Air Quality Assessments

Drone Inspections

Our one hour walkthrough Inspection only focuses on five major areas of the homes systems:

1. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air     Conditioning)
2. Electrical panel
3. Plumbing connections and fixtures
4. Roof and foundation 

5. Structural 

The inspection describes the condition and age of these elements and does not include a report.

Having an indoor air quality assessment  is an important step toward understanding your surrounding environment and safeguarding the health of your family. After all, we spend 90% of our time indoor, where air can be up to 8 times more polluted. This pollution comes from our activities, the products we use, and outdoor pollution coming inside. 

We offer a real time report of you're homes air quality levels including :

-Humidity levels

-Formaldehyde levels: Formaldehyde, or HCHO, is an organic compound that exists as a gas at room temperature. Formaldehyde is invisible, but has a distinctive pungent smell. Its top source in most people’s homes is the presence of pressed wood products.

-Particulate Matter : Most particulate matter (abbreviated ‘PM’) is microscopic and inhalable. Some examples are: Mold spores, Dust, Smoke, Pollen, Soot, Dirt, Dander, Chemical reactions of gases like ammonia, volatile organic compounds, sulfur oxides, and nitrogen oxides that can produce airborne particulates. While other pollutants are identified through chemical makeup, PM is an umbrella term for all airborne particles, regardless of molecular composition.

AQI: Air Quality Index, is a system for translating sometimes confusing or unintuitive pollutant concentration measurements, into one easy-to-understand scale to clearly represent the health risk posed by ambient air pollution. The index formula usually considers up to 6 main pollutants (PM2.5, PM10, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and ground level ozone), and calculates the respective health risk (or AQI number) for each one at any given time.


Tarion Warranty Inspections

Your home may be covered by the builder's warranty under Tarion as long as you advise the builder and file the nessacery Tarion warranty forms in a timely matter.

Prestige Home Inspection Service provides a comprehensive inspection of the home and will provide a complete list of defects that are covered under the Tarion one, two and seven year warranty. This makes the process faster, easier and ensures that the relevant defects are included for the builder to manage the repairs covered by Tarion. 

For a complete list over warranty coverage visit ​www.tarion.com

The most advanced modern aerial technology that provides unparalleled quality and level of details of the condition of the roofs at any height and building materials with hard to reach areas. Did you know that only about 30% of roofs can be physically inspected due to their accessibility, slope angle and fragility of roofing materials. DJI Phantom 4  Advanced (drone) technology allows us to inspect any types of roofs with 4k resolution quality within a short period of time.

Whatever your needs are, we have you covered